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All of our products are personally hand crafted in small batches.



Honey Bombs


We start with ginger, turmeric and local raw honey, then create different flavors such as Original, Coconut-Lime, Tart Cherry, and other seasonals.


~Add to tea or hot water for a delicious hot beverage

~Mix with seltzer for an all natural soda

~Glaze chicken, pork or fish (especially salmon)

~Top toast, english muffins, biscuits or artisanal bread

~Great yogurt topper

~Add to sauted or roasted vegetables

~Dressing for sliced cucumbers or carrots

~Use on waffles or pancakes

~Delicious on any soft cheese

~Simplifies Golden Milk: Add to warmed coconut, almond or soy milk.

~And it relieves cold symptoms!

Turmeric Chips


A convenient and easy way to get your Turmeric!


Infused with lime juice and a minimal amount of sugar so they are not bitter.

Ginger Chews


Made with Ginger and Honey...no sugar!   A delicious, convenient and chewy way to consume Ginger.


~Great ice cream & yogurt topper

~Sprinkle on yams or squash

~Add to rice pilaf or fried rice

~Top granola or oatmeal

~Mince and add to applesauce

~Add to cookies, muffins & cakes

~Soak in hot tea

~Or nibble and enjoy as is!




Super Salve


JG's Super Salve is made from Black Turmeric (Curcuma caesia.)  This rare and potent turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  Simply rub salve on the sore or affected area for quick relief.


~Relieves itching, aches, joint/arthritic pain and   muscle tension

~Speeds healing of skin cells after cuts, bruises, sunburn and rashes

~It also relieves toothaches!

Ground Turmeric


Enjoy the convenience of ground turmeric freshly ground from our own locally grown roots.

We combine yellow, red and white turmerics for a unique flavor that is not bitter.


~Great addition to juices or smoothies

~Saute with greens

~Adds extra flavor to scrambled eggs or egg salad

~Use in stir fries

~Compliments any lentil dish

~Add to any soup recipe

~Add to simmering rice for extra flavor and wonderful color





Tinctures are a convenient and easy way to consume turmeric and/or ginger.  The whole root

is soaked in alcohol, and then pressed to produce a concentrated solution.  The fastest way for you to absorb the tincture is to take it orally under your tongue, but it can also be added to a drink. 


~Turmeric tincture is useful for arthritic conditions and aids in relief from pain caused by inflammation.

~Ginger tincture stimulates digestion and poor appetite.  It helps nausea during chemotherapy, motion sickness, indigestion and morning sickness (small amounts.)  It also helps with inflammation, cold symptoms, poor circulation and congestion/sinuses.

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